Unclaimed Money Scam Uncovered

Unclaimed Money  Scam Uncovered, Never pay a fee for unclaimed funds.

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Do you have missing money waiting for you? Lots of people receive letters claiming you “have unclaimed funds in your name.”

All you have to do is pay a fee to find that unclaimed treasure just waiting for you to claim it.

But is it worth paying? Probably not.

The States  Attorney General has filed suit against an unclaimed money website, saying it tells everyone they have missing funds.

Listen to this: The AG’s office plugged in the names Batman and Spiderman, and was told that both cartoon characters had unclaimed money, and could locate it for $29!

The Right Way to find Unclaimed Funds

To find money free of charge, call the Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana Treasurer’s office.

Or go to “Missing Money dot com” … a free site sponsored by state Treasurers. Click the link above, so you don’t waste your money.


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Unclaimed Money  Scam Uncovered

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