Spin Doctors Spin the Spin Master Mark Penn Departure

Spin Doctors Spin the Spin Master Mark Penn’s Departure from the Clinton Campaign

Politisite reported  on NowPublic and it’s Blogs  that Mark Penn had stepped down as the Clinton Campaign’s Chief Strategist following a dispute over his visit to Columbia to represent the country for NAFTA

Mark Penn, Chief Strategist of Clinton Campaign, Steps Aside

Politisite has learned that Mark Penn is still heavily involved in Clinton’s Campaign by performing political polling and advise.  The Clinton press release about his resignation was spin not news.  Most readers will hear the main stream newscasts that Penn has left the campaign and consider the NAFTA problem solved. Penn has simply changed rolls. Today, Penn made his usual phone call to campaign workers.

Penn: Out, Then In

Demoted Hillary Clinton strategist Mark Penn may no longer have the coveted title of chief strategist, but he remains a key member of the campaign’s senior staff. Indeed, it is not clear precisely what Mr. Penn’s demotion entails, other than a public rebuke.

Mr. Penn took part on the campaign’s morning message call this morning, as usual.

This afternoon, he is also scheduled to be on a call with Clinton and other aides to begin to prepare for Saturday’s presidential debate in Philadelphia.

Mr. Penn “is still going to be very much involved,” a senior campaign official said.

What is a Spin Master you ask?  Ian Basen from the CBC has a series called Spin Cycles: Spin, the spinners and the spun.  Probably the best analysis on Public Relations firms and political spin ever.  Have an MP3 Player?  you can download the whole series. 

Spin Cycles is a radio series by CBC producer Ira Basen about how those in power can manipulate facts in order to make their case for the rest of us.

The series explores the world of politics, big business, advertising and public relations to find the real message behind all that spin.

Spin Masters Spin the Spin Master Penn's Departure

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