Los Angeles Man finds $140K and gives it back

Los Angeles Man finds $140K and gives it back

Want an Honest Business man?  Then you should call Eli Estrada of Tuff Turf artifical turf near Los Angeles, California. Eli found 140 thousand dollars that fell off of an armored truck and returned it.  Don’t think he wasn’t day dreaming about buying things and paying off debts though.  Mr. Estrada thought about the situation and  weighed the pros and the cons about keeping the money.  In the final analysis, doing the right thing won out. He made the choice to give turn the money over to police.

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A 40-year-old Highland Park man who promptly turned in $140,000 he found last month has been given a $2,000 reward by the armored car company that had lost the money, it was reported today.

Eli Estrada was on his way to work when he found $140,000 in unmarked $20 bills bundled into $20,000 wads in a bag in the middle of Gridley Road in Cerritos on March 11, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I’m rich,” was his first thought, but he immediately decided to turn in his find because keeping it would be wrong, The Times reported.

He could have used the money. About six months ago, he opened a landscaping and artificial-grass business and is in debt; he says his child support payments are tough to make; and he supports his mother, who moved in with him last year after she lost her house to a fumbled refinancing plan, The Times reported.

Estrada told The Times he is content with his decision, though he admits, “it was hard to give up.”

Authorities said the money was lost by Brinks armored truck drivers.

Los Angeles Man finds $140K and gives it back Los Angeles Man finds $140K and gives it back Man found $140K and gives it back

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  1. I hate to sound cynical, but he may have decided that it was too risky to keep the money instead of returning due to ethical constraints.

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