Senator McCain Tax Returns, $340,320 to Charity

McCain’s Tax Returns

 Senator John McCain released his income tax returns for the past two years showing that he received over $740,000 during 2006 and 2007 from his Senate salary, book royalty payments, his military pension and Social Security.

But yesterday’s release did not shed new light on the extent of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s wealth which comes from his wife, Cindy McCain.

Mrs. McCain holds a significant stake in a Phoenix-based beer distributorship, Hensley & Co. that her late father helped found. To date, she has not disclosed the size of her stake in the privately-held concern. But published estimates have speculated that it could be worth up to $100 million or more.

Hensley or entities controlled by it also have sizable real estate holdings, primarily in Arizona, public filings show.

In a statement accompanying the release of Senator McCain’s taxes, his campaign stated that it was not releasing Mrs. McCain’s personal taxes “in the interest of protecting the privacy of her children”.

According to filings, Mrs. McCain received an annual salary of over $430,000 for serving as chairwoman of the company, which one of the country’s biggest distributors of Anheuser-Busch products. Under a prenuptial agreement, Cindy McCain’s assets are kept separate from her husband’s.

According to Senator McCain’s tax filing, he paid a total $157,231 in taxes on taxable income during the two-year period, a tax rate of about 33 percent, according to his campaign.

Over the past two years, Senator and Mrs. McCain donated about $340,320 from their community assets to charity, the campaign said.

Most of Senator McCain’s contributions were made to the John and Cindy McCain Family Foundation. It contributes to a number of groups including Operation Smile, an organization that provide reconstructive facial surgery to poor children and others, and The Halo Trust, an organization involved in mine-clearing.



You can view the returns below:
2006 Return | Allocation

2007 Return | Allocation John McCain and Charlie Crist

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  1. Dear Chap
    You may want to take a look at the other candidates giving. I find it amusing that posters like you will make fun of a candidate that gives this kind of money to chariity when Barack Obama gave less than 10% of McCain’s Giving and Clinton gave most of his giving to his own Chariity. This means that the Clinton’s can be use the money for whatever reason.
    On the other Note, John McCain would not be a thrid Bush Term. It makes for nice talking points and spin, but McCain is a far cry from Bush in Fiscal conservativism. McCain took NO earmarks for his state many years running. He ran his presidential race on a shoe string. Before you post to this blog make sure you research your facts, as conservtives are not lock stepped as Liberals who will follow the slate you have anointed for the White House attempt.
    Take note McCain will make Obama look like a school boy and Clinton’s sniper fire look like a pea sooter.
    Oh and who was the majority in congress when the economy when south. Lets see the vote for change in 2006 gave both houses of congress to the Democrats. Prior to that consumer confidence was at a 16 year high. The stock market was soaring, job growth continued and then the vote for change in 2006. It’s always nice to blame the President but the purse strings are held by CONGRESS and the democrats have failed in most of what they said they were going to do. Didn’t Nancy say it would take a woman to clean the congress? She and dems cleaned up alright? So don’t come to this blog with your Republican bashing statements when it is your congress who has caused job growth to diminish, homes in foreclosure, and the economy in a tail spin.

  2. For someone worth a measly 100 million, that is very generous indeed. Perhaps he’ll do something for the Veterans, homeless, elderly, frail one day. Oops, no time for all that nonsense – he has another few wars to start.
    John McCain in 2008 for 4 more years of inept, corrupt, Republican leadership.

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