Clinton Won't Disclose Names of Donors

The Bush Administration is often described as the  most secreative in history.  But according to David Plouffe, Campaign Manager for the Obama campain, it is really the Clinton’s.

TheObama campaign is returning to the issue of Clinton’s secrecy today,after spending a conference call yesterday lambasting the lack of taxreturns provided by the New York Senator. In a conference call,campaign manager David Plouffe had this today, via Politico:

“Behind closed doors, they’re trying to prevent theAmerican people from evaluating [Clinton’s White House] experience,” hesaid. “You have to wonder whether she’ll be open and honest with theAmerican people as president.”

He also noted, again, that Clinton doesn’t need to wait until April 15 to release the last six years of tax returns.

Clinton is “one of the most secretive politicians in America today,” he said.

In addition to the issue of tax returns, the statements came as a response to a USA Todayarticle reporting that the Clinton library was withholding informationabout pardons made near the end of President Clinton’s tenure:

Federal archivists at the Clinton Presidential Library areblocking the release of hundreds of pages of White House papers onpardons that the former president approved, including clemency forfugitive commodities trader Marc Rich.

The archivists’ decision, based on guidance provided by BillClinton that restricts the disclosure of advice he received from aides,prevents public scrutiny of documents that would shed light on how hedecided which pardons to approve from among hundreds of requests.

ABC News Blog had this to say about Clinton’s Refusal to relase donors Names

Former president Bill Clinton said Thursday that he will not reveal the names of donors to the Clinton Presidential Library unless he is required to by law, rebuffing pressure from his wife’s rivals for more disclosure.

“We don’t believe in one set of rules for us and another set for everybody else,” the former president said at a news conference in New York. “The people that have already given me money, I don’t think I should disclose it unless there is some conflict of which I am aware — and there is not — because a lot of people gave me money with the understanding that they could give anonymously. And if they gave publicly they would be the target for every other politician in America.”

At Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., said she was “sure [the former president would] be happy to consider” making public the names of donors to the library. But she refused to say whether she had asked him to do so.

“I don’t talk about my private conversations with my husband,” Clinton said.

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