NC Poll: Obama's Falling in the Tar Heels

NC Poll: Obama’s Lead Cut

Look for Politisite Political Projections: NC coming next Monday.  We are not affilliated with PPP or Public Policy Polling.  Why is this article differant?  See all the data by clicking here PPP

Obama’s 25-point lead in North Carolina a week ago has now been cut in half, according to the latest PPP poll (April 26-27, 1,121 LV, MoE +/- 2.9%). Clinton led 56%-35% among white voters, and Obama led 83%-9% among black voters. Obama led among both men and women, though his margin was three times greater among men. He also led by double digits among all age groups.

Obama 51 (-6 vs. last poll, April 19-20)
Clinton 39 (+7)
Und 10

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