Abortion Ultrasound Bill is Dead, Ignorance is Bliss


Abortion advocates are relieved that abill requiring those seeking an abortion to view an ultrasound oftheir child.    The bill is dead and so will many childrenas ignorance is bliss. 
In America were education is empathized,the same politicians voted against this bill in Florida.  thevote today was 20-20 split along party lines.  The bill required an ulta sound be performed, but one was only to be offered a chance to see it. What did the legislature pass? Florida’s State song written by Stephen Foster over 150 years ago, Suwannee River was nixed.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A divided state Senate narrowly defeated a bill to require that most women seeking an abortion first be given an opportunity to look at an ultrasound image of the fetus.


The vote Wednesday was 20-20. Without a majority, the measure dies. There are ways a similar idea could resurface, but that is extremely unlikely with the legislative session scheduled to end Friday.


In a tense and emotional debate that went on for about an hour and a half, opponents from both parties said the bill would only create a new impediment to women seeking to end a pregnancy. That could violate U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have said government can’t create such undue burdens.

Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana require abortion facilities to perform an ultrasound and offer the chance for women to view them, according to the state’s analysis. Eight other states require facilities to offer viewing if a ultrasound is done.

COLUMBIA,S.C. —  A bill awaiting the South Carolina governor’s signature wouldrequire abortion providers to ask women whether they want to seeultrasound images of their fetuses before the procedure.

Aspart of a legislative compromise formally announced Thursday, womenmust wait at least an hour after seeing an ultrasound to have anabortion.

Republican state Sen. Mike Fair said he hoped women would use the time to decide against abortion.

The agreement was reached after more than a year of debate on whether women should be required to see the ultrasound.

Gov.Mark Sanford, a Republican, has said he supports the bill generally butwould review the specifics before deciding whether to sign it.


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