Al Franken Tax for Senate to pay 70K in Back Taxes

Al Franken Tax forgot to file tax returns, owes 70 thousand dollars in back taxes

The 80s may have been the Al Frankin Decade but in 2008 Al Frankin, Senate candidate for Minnisota, may have pulled a Snipes as he forgot to pay state taxes adding up to 70 thousand dollars.  Al Frankin a Democrat who is for rolling back tax breaks for the rich descided to give himself a tax break over 5 years. 

It appears that Al Frankin has lined up with other polititions, in that, he doesn’t think the laws apply to him.  Reminds me of the gun control advocate  California Senator Diane Feinstein carrys a canceied weapon because she could be in danger.  The way way I leaned it in school was that Government in America went from the people to the government, not the other way around.

So will Minnisotians still elect a guy that thibks he is part of the elete group where the law doesn’t apply?  Well according to polling this incident has hurt him at all.

Al Franken for Senate held a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul to announcement major new endorsements – and Al outlined his agenda to change the direction of our country on issues like health care, the economy, the rising costs of education, veterans issues, and the war in Iraq.

Al Franken Implements Senator Harry Reid’s “Voluntary” Taxation Strategy

Last month, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) tried to convince Jan Helfeld that taxation is voluntary. Of course for high-powered Democrats like Harry Reid, details such as accurately disclosing one’s income and property apparently is optional.

So, Al Franken, who is trying to get one of those U.S. Democratic Senate jobs (Minnesota) where taxation is “voluntary,” yesterday announced that he has chosen to pay $70K in state income taxes to 17 states over the last five tax years. Why didn’t he voluntarily do this before? Well, it’s his accountant’s fault, of course.

Fron Al Frankins Senate Campaign Website Al Franken for Senate

We need to go to universal health care as soon as possible.

Health care is at the center of almost every public policy issue – from veterans’ affairs to small business to personal finances (nearly half of all bankruptcies are caused by a medical crisis in the family). Access to affordable health care should come with living in the world’s richest, most advanced nation.

But during the Bush administration, the number of Americans living without health insurance has grown from 39.8 million in 2000 to 46.6 million as of the most recent Census Bureau data (2005). That includes 21.5 million people who work full time.

Especially disturbing is that the number of children without health insurance actually grew to 8.3 million in 2005. Children who lack health insurance are more likely to miss school and 70% less likely to get treated for an ear infection.


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Al Franken's Tax Issue

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