Former DNC Chair under Clinton defects to Obama Camp

Former DNC Chair under Clinton defects to Obama Camp

The former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew  appointed under the Clinton Administration has thrown his support to presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Joe Andrew had  endorsed Senator Clinton the day she announced her candidacy.

Here is another major defection from Clinton to Obama.  A major blow to Clinton as he was firmly behind the Clinton’s throughout the years.  He related to reporters that Obama is doing what is right rather than what is politically expedient, speaking of the gas tax relief that Clinton came out with along with Senator John McCain.  Sources tell Politisite that He was very disillusioned on how Senator Clinton was operating her campaign.  This comes just days before the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries on Tuesday.



Other Super Delegate endorsements

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have received superdelegate endorsements today.

Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley will endorse Obama later today, and the Clinton campaign announced this morning that Bill George is backing Clinton. Braley, a freshman lawmaker, previously had supported John Edwards. George is the president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

Obama picked up endorsements yesterday from Kentucky Rep. Ben Chandler and Iowa DNC member Richard Machacek. Clinton received yesterday the backing of Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton.

In the updated RCP Delegate Count, Clinton leads Obama among superdelegates 262-241. Obama leads the overall delegate count 1,730-1,595.

Former DNC Chair under Clinton defects to Obama Camp

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