Four Year Old Found Wondering in Orangeburg, SC – Parents Found

Update:  948 pm – According to WIS TV and readers of Politisite.  The parents have been found.  The child has been turned over to Divison of Family Services pending evlauation

Eventually, officers found a group of people searching for the little girl in the area and were led to her father and caretakers.

Capt. Adams says one of the most disturbing facts is that while Solitha was missing, nobody who was searching for her called police to report her missing.

“It’s not uncommon for a child to wander off, but to my knowledge, the agency was not called.
Thursday afternoon Solitha was turned over to the Department of Social Services

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ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) – Orangeburg authorities say they found a 4-year-old child wandering along a road Thursday, and they’re trying to find her family.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Capt. Mike Adams tells the Times and Democrat they found the girl around 9:50am Thursday on Ellis Avenue.

Adams says the girl says her first name is Solitha, but she doesn’t know her last name, or where she lives.

“She doesn’t know her parents’ names or grandparents or where she lives. We have very little information on the child. She did state her mother had gone to work,” Adams told the T and D.

Adams says police are conducting a “reverse 911,” where emergency operators call local residents asking for help.

Adams said the child was found in the Fairfield Streets and Ellis Avenue areas by a driver who spotted the child wandering.

Solitha was wearing a gray shirt and purple pants, with flip-flops. Adams says she has white beads in her hair, and was carrying a Dora the Explorer water bottle.

Anyone who may have information is asked to contact the Orangeburg authorities at 803-534-2812 or 803-533-5907.

Four Year Old Found Wondering in Orangeburg, SC - Info 803-534-2812

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