Brooke Bennett found Dead, Uncle Main Suspect, Obstructed Justice

Update July 6, 2008 – Politiste has confirmed that Jacques (Bennetts Uncle) does not appear in the Vermont Sex Offender Registry Vermont Sex Offender Registry Based upon his previous arrest and conviction for child sexual abuse he should have appeared in the registry.  Politisite intends on following up with the Vermont State Police as to the reasons why he was not registered.  The Vermont State Police stated on July 1st that Jacques was “registered Sex Offender”.  If he was indeed registered he should appear in the state registry linked above.

Jacques was convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping in 1993.

Update July 6 2008 –  Brooke Bennetts death effects children on the Net –

Im Very sorry for Brookes disaperence and I personally think that her Uncle should be exacuted painfully Because Brooke shouldnt have had that done to her she seemed wonderful so i wish her family the best and that she has the proper burial and if i ever go to Bethel , VT i will go to the cemetary and find her grave and leave a note and some flowers … Brooke – I wish you the best in your after life and visit your parents in a dream to tell them that you know they Love you … P.S. it would have been cool to meet Brooke I feel bad for the family I wish you the best Brooke and im sorry . Love, Lexi From NY age 10 .Thank You Brooke for being the person you were and i hope you know that even though your not related to me that i care .

Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd  Arrest in as many Days Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd  Arrest in as many Days Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd  Arrest in as many Days

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, please see the bottom of this story for help.

Update – July 3, 2008 – Click here to read the Gagnon affidavit .

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Click here for more from FOX 44 in Burlington, Vt.

E-Mails Reveal Vt. Suspect’s Perverted Plot Including mixing another Teens semen on her clothing to throw off police.

On June 23, two days before Brooke’s disappearance, Chevy Pickup instructed Juvenile 1 in an e-mail to have her boyfriend, identified as Juvenile 2, ejaculate on her stomach and wipe up the semen with a “CLEAN, PLAIN” handkerchief, according to an e-mail cited in the complaint.

“Then put the handkerchief into a plastic sandwich bag and seal it up and hide it,” the e-mail to Juvenile 2 instructed. A semen-stained handkerchief was found near Bennett’s torn underpants the day after she disappeared.

Jacques Could Face Death Penalty

Federal and state prosecutors held a press conference this morning. Authorities called this a tragic day for Vermont.

Michael Jacques is facing federal charges for kidnapping his niece because it involved the use of the internet and telephones — essentially crossing state lines. He’ll be arraigned in federal court next week.

Police say their investigation is ongoing, so they are not ready to comment on whether he will be charged with her death, or whether more arrests may be made in connection to Brooke’s death or disappearance.

But court records released today revealed more information about the circumstances of her disappearance. It appeared Jacques had been plotting her abduction for weeks, and recruited another juvenile to help him with what e-mails refer to as the — quote — “take down and tie-up” after they left that Cumberland Farms last Wednesday morning. They were allegedly trying to lure Brooke into a sex ring Jacques called “Breckenridge.”

Investigators say there’s no evidence such a ring exists– Jacques used pseudonyms and phony e-mail addresses to suggest more men were involved. All of those e-mails came from computers owned by Jacques.

“There’s nothing from this investigation that has turned up, nor are federal or state authorities aware of any ongoing effort to recruit young girls or boys here in Vermont to have sex with adults. You can rest assured that if evidence is uncovered that we feel poses a risk to the public, we will be the first to raise alarm bells publicly,” said Bill Sorrell, D-Vt. Attorney General.

An autopsy is being conducted today. Until that’s done, prosecutors would not comment on the manner of Brooke Bennett’s death or identify it as a homicide. Again, police say their investigation is just beginning.

Update – July 2, 2008 – Twelve year-old, Brooke Bennett Found Dead, Uncle Main Suspect, Obtructed Justice

Here is the Press release from the Vermont State Police




Date of Press Conference: July 2, 2008

Statement of Colonel James Baker, Director of the Vermont State Police:

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I announce that we have located what we believe to be the remains of Brooke Bennett on Crocker Road in Randolph, Vermont.

The identification of Brooke today is a preliminary one.  Brooke will be transported to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington where an autopsy will be scheduled to positively identify her and to determine the cause of death.  The death is clearly suspicious.  It appears to be foul play.

Brooke was located as a result of information developed during the search of Michael Jacques’ residence.  The information developed led investigators to Crocker Road.  A team of specially trained FBI agents and Vermont State Police Search and Rescue members, discovered ground that was recently disturbed.  This discovery happened on July 1st, 2008.  The scene was frozen and a thorough search was conducted today.  Brooke was found at 4:45 this afternoon.

A week ago today, Brooke was reported missing.  We remained optimistic that we would find her alive.  Investigators worked swiftly and diligently to uncover information and evidence that was leading us in the direction of locating Brooke.

The painful discovery of Brooke’s body today is tragic and heartbreaking.

Brooke’s family has been notified.  On behalf of all of the investigators, support staff and others who have worked tirelessly on this case, I offer the family our deepest condolences.

Myself, Special Agent in Charge John Pikus and Major Tom L’Esperance will be meeting with the family shortly to assure them that the investigative team that we have assembled is focused more then ever.  As I’ve stated before, this investigation is making progress.

With the discovery of Brooke, our investigation is now narrowed and focused.

All of the investigators and the support staff in this investigation are committed to closing this investigation out successfully.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brooke, her family and friends.  I ask you respect the privacy of Brooke’s family at this time.

I recognize the information provided at this time is vague, however we felt it was important to inform you of this drastic change in the investigation.

With that said, I am not prepared, nor can I answer questions at this time as we are at yet another crucial stage in the investigation.

A press conference will be scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 AM at the US Attorney’s Office in Burlington.  The media should arrive at 9:30 AM.

Thank you for your attention

A tragic end to a tragic story.

Police have been searching for 12-year-old, Brooke Bennett, who was last seen on Wednesday morning on June 25, 2008.

Television news reports are saying right now that they found the child, dead.

As of yesterday the police were searching Michael Jacques, a registered sex offender’s home while he was being arraigned on sex charges in a case not related to Brooke’s disappearance.

Jacques was one of the last people seen with Brooke before she vanished. There have been rumors flying in the town that her uncle had been molesting and/or raping her since she was 9 years-old.

Brooke Bennett’s stepfather Ray A. Gagnon, 40, was taken into custody Tuesday on a charge of aggravated sexual assault on a minor, according to authorities.

Update: Second Photo Released by Vermont State Police

The arrest is related to charges against Brooke’s uncle, Michael Jacques.

The new charges and second arrest do not involve Brooke, who vanished last week, police said.

Brooke’s father James Bennett told FOX News that his ex-wife was married to Gagnon, but they broke up several years ago.

Bennett said he doesn’t know if the couple is divorced. Brooke lived in Alabama with Gagnon and her mother for six years, Bennett said.

Jacques was charged on Monday with sexually assaulting a young girl over a five-year period. The girl told police she had been enrolled in what police called a program for sex.

Gagnon, of San Antonio, Texas, is due in court at 1 p.m. EDT Tuesday in Vermont District Court in White River Junction.

Affidavit Points To ‘Program For Sex’

RANDOLPH, Vt. — A police affidavit recently released by Orange County District Court connects the man who was last seen with 12 year-old Brooke Bennett to a sex ring known as “Breckenridge.”

Michael Jacques, 42, of Randolph, who dropped off Brooke Bennett at a Randolph, Vt., convenience store Wednesday and was seen leaving it in a different direction on a surveillance camera video, was charged with aggravated sexual assault against a minor and pleaded not guilty to the charge Monday.

VERMONT STATE POLICE – Press Release – Update 4pm July 1 2008



July 1, 2008

Contact: Sgt. Tara Thomas, Vermont State Police – Public Information Officer (802-234-9933)

The Vermont State Police will have a press conference to update the media in reference to the investigation over the weekend into the disappearance of 12 year-old Brooke Bennett of Braintree, VT.  Brooke has been missing since June 25th, 2008 where she was last seen in Randolph, VT.

WHEN:   Tuesday July 1, 2008 – 4:00 PM

WHERE: Whitcomb High School,  Pleasant Street – VT Rt. 12,  Bethel, VT

July 1, 2008 Morning Release


July 1, 2008 – Morning Release

The Vermont State Police continue to search the Jacques’ property in Randolph, VT.  This search is covering an extensive area.  The New England K-9 team is assisting in the search.

Investigators are continuing to following up on leads.

We’re in the process of determining whether a press conference will be held later this afternoon.  If a press conference is called, Sgt. Tara Thomas will issue a press advisory via e-mail.

Anyone who may have information pertaining to the disappearance of Brooke Bennett is urged to call the Vermont State Police at (802) 234-9933.

Sgt. Tara Thomas of the Vermont State Police will continue to be the point of contact for the media.  If any new information becomes available, Sgt. Thomas will send out the proper notification.  The media is urged to monitor the Vermont State Police website for any updated information.  The web address is

Previous Vermont State Police Information Released on Brooke Bennett

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6/27/08 – Missing Person Update – Press Conference – We are asking the public if you were in the area of the Cumberland Farms or the Randolph Village Laundromat, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM to please call the State Police or your local law enforcement agency.  Regardless of whether you feel you don’t have any information to offer, we would still like to speak with you.  Please call the Royalton State Police office at 802-234-9933 or any State Police Office if you have any information relative to this case.
6/26/08 – 9:35 p.m. – Missing Person Update
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(Source: National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect)

Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd Arrest in as many Days Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd Arrest in as many Days Missing 12 Year Olds Stepfather Arrested on Sex Charges, 2nd Arrest in as many Days

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