Clinton Supporters now claim Obama not a Natural Born Citizen, ineligible to be President

Clinton Supporters claim Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and was registered as a Muslim several times during his lifetime.

By Albert N. Milliron, Editor,

There is a group that continues to spread that John McCain is not a natural born citizen of the United States. His father was a military man and he was born in a hospital in Panama.  Those who argue this point state that the Constitution states that eligibility to be the President of the United States requires that one be born in a U.S. State or territory.

Why most constitutional scholars have dismissed this argument as a previous presidential candidates were born under the same conditions.  There are those who still push the McCain is not a natural Born citizen and is ineligible to be the President of the United States.

Now comes disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters who have tacked sown the best that they can, Barack Obama’s birth history.  Some have pointed out that he may have a Kenya, US, and Indonesia citizenship.  They argue that Obama may not have been born in Hawaii as reported.  That the Birth Certificate posted by the Daily Kos is a fake and Obama was born outside of the United States.  NowPublic Writer BMCWrites wrote an article specifically about the Obama Birth Ceritificate.  Thus giving the Clinton Supporters and argument that since Obama is not a naturally born citizen, he too is not eligible to be the president.  Therefore, Hillary, should be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate.

If your head is beginning to spin, take some Dramamine as it might be awhile before this all stops.  This group will continue and possibly files law suits up to and after the conventions.  The following is an article that takes one step by step on the Obama not a naturalized citizen argument.  You will notice that there are newspaper excerpts. They also make it a point that Obama was indeed registered as a Muslim at several occasions during his lifetime.

Based on all the research and analysis to date, here is what I believe today, not to be accepted as fact by anyone who wants to believe something else:

1. Barack Obama was likely born in Honolulu, the hospital still unknown for some reason (why won’t he say?), on Aug. 4, 1961. A birth announcement in the newspaper has been found by one of our researchers*. It looks like this:

Here’s the full-page wider angle:

2. Although this announcement suggests his parents were married, that’s still an open question. I still don’t know why Michelle Obama recently said that Ba rack’s mother was “very single” when she had him.

3. Although it’s possible that a birth certificate filed by Ba rack’s grandparents, while he was actually born elsewhere, led to this newspaper announcement, I personally think that’s unlikely because in 1961 these announcements came directly from the Vital Statistics Office as reported by local hospitals, according to the researcher who found this information.

4. His legal name at birth was Barack Hussein Obama II, and he acquired dual citizenship (Kenyan and US) at, or shortly after, birth.

5. His father didn’t stick around. On a related note, have you noticed that there are no photos of Obama as an infant?

6. His mother traveled from Honolulu to wherever Barack Sr. was because she genuinely believed that they were going to live together as a family. She chased her dream. On her way there, she passed through Mercer Island.

7. But realizing that Barack Sr. had moved on, Stanley Ann Dunham enrolled at the Univ. of Washington for the 1962 Spring Quarter. That turned out to be overwhelming, and she eventually returned to Honolulu and re-enrolled at UH, where she met her second husband, an Indonesian national.

8. Ba rack’s mother Ann might have acquired Indonesian citizenship when she married Soetoro.

9. Barack Obama almost certainly acquired Indonesian citizenship because he likely was adopted by Soetoro.

10. Not only was Barack Obama officially an Indonesian citizen, he also was a registered “muslim.” Again, I don’t care whether he was or wasn’t, except that he proclaims on his website that he’s “always been Christian,” which I believe to be a false statement.

11. Barack Obama’s original birth certificate might contain something that embarrasses him, or something that could be problematic for him legally. I STILL think he needs to produce a hard copy of the original Birth Certificate, or it looks like he’s hiding something.

12. The COLB on Smears and Kos has likely been altered, as Techdude’s and Polarik’s studies show, but probably reflects Obama’s true birth certificate so it’s not clear how or why it was altered. The way the COLB was handled and its suspicious presentation could have been intended to serve as a diversion from the can of worms Obama doesn’t want anyone to open.

THAT can of worms is the eligibility problem a POTUS candidate faces if that person has EVER held dual citizenship.

Stay tuned…

[TD NOTE: Again, this reflects my beliefs, and any part of it could be wrong. If anyone has corrections or questions, please send them by leaving a comment]

*The birth announcement was tracked down by Lori Starfelt, the producer of a documentary that PUMA is working on. READ the comments below for in-depth explanations from Lori about the announcement.

(Opinion) The Politisite Bottom Line:  I don’t care if Senator Obama was called a Muslim on school papers.  In some religions if the Man is a particular religion, the children are automatically assumed to hold the same faith.  In the Jewish tradition, if the Mother is a Jew, then the Child is considered a Jew.  Senator Obama claims to be a Christian,  I will take him at his word.  Being a Christian is much more then just a confession.  Being a Christian requires action as well.  I can take issue with him there.  I won’t take the RightWingNuts side here.  I have no problem with a man of any faith becoming the President of the United States.  I prefer one who carries the same values, and for the most part a Muslim has more in common with Christianity then any other religion. So to me the issue is Mute.

Whether Senator Obama’s Parents or Parent falsified documents to make sure Obama could become a U.S. Citizen is out side of my ability to research.  Documents are very volatile from the early 60s.  It would do well for Obama to impress the media by coming out with photographs and family linage that would satisfy these arguments. There are arguments on both sides of the authenticity of the document. I will allow the experts to resolve this.

The issue I have if the document is false, and there is a family conspiracy to keep Senator Obama’s birthplace silent, and if he perpetrates this conspiracy, he should be impeached before he has been elected.  While I have empathy for those who wish to be American Citizens, I have no tolerance for illegally obtaining that status.

I have stated in other writings that Clinton Supporters are very much like the Clinton’s themselves.  They will do whatever it takes to get her election.  I think this is one of those ploys.


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