Juan Williams: Obama 'Has Gone Way, Way Too Far' in Gates Arrest

NPR’s Juan Williams criticized President Obama’s “the police acted stupidly” response to the arrest of Henry Louis williams_juanGates during a segment on Friday’s Good Morning America: “The president has gone way, way too ar without having looked at the police report, without knowing the facts of the case.” He later recommended that the president “walk it back and say, you know what- I spoke out of turn here.”
Anchor Chris Cuomo sought Williams’s take on the Democrat’s now infamous remarks on the detainment of the Harvard professor just after the beginning of the 7 am hour. He first brought up a standard mainstream media race question: “Do you think the police would have acted the same way, if Gates had been a white man?” The NPR analyst replied that he wasn’t sure, and gave an anecdote of his experience growing up in Brooklyn: “I don’t know the Cambridge police intimately….I grew up in Brooklyn during the ‘60s, and had…sort of a tense relationship with police- especially white police- as a young, black kid.”
via Juan Williams: Obama ‘Has Gone Way, Way Too Far’ in Gates Arrest | NewsBusters.org.

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