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Your Thoughts On Health Care
Teaparty_columbia_sc 089By now you’ve read about President Obama’s proposed government takeover of our health care system, and hopefully you’ve read my conservative alternative, “The Health Care Freedom Plan.”
Earlier this week President Obama accused me of playing politics with health care, but the truth that is that the President’s promises have rarely agreed with his policies.
For six months, instead of stimulating our economy, he has been stimulating our government and is now pushing a bill that will force over 80 million Americans out of their current health plan and into a government system.
Our disagreement on these vital issues has garnered a lot of media attention, and I’ve been on a lot of news programs including The Today Show and Fox News’s Neil Cavuto. That’s where you come in.
I want to use these opportunities to tell America what’s on your mind. Would you use the comment section below to tell me why you oppose President Obama’s government takeover of health care?
Just give me your #1 reason for opposing the President’s plan in the comments sections. I’ll go through and read each comment, pick a few out, and read them on air.
Stay tuned to my Twitter account, and I’ll let you know what time and which station. This is an extremely important time for our nation, and your opinion is needed now more than ever.
PS – I need your opinion. Please use the comments box below to give me your #1 reason for opposing President Obama’s government takeover of our health care system.
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  1. The government does not belong in healthcare anymore than it belongs in the auto industry or any of the private sector. My money should be spent the way I see fit, not some government policy mandating how I spend, where I spend.

  2. I should not have to pay for other people to receive healthcare..It’s my money, I earned it! This is America, not a Socialist or Communist Country..MY MONEY!

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