Czar Accountability and Reform Act of 2009

I met with a group of terrific conservative House Republicans on the Hill last week to talk about Culture of Corruption. Two of the dominant themes from the book we discussed: transparency and accountability.
michelle-malkinThe czar explosion continues to resonate across party lines. As I’ve reported, it’s not just the number of czars, it’s the superfluousness. The conflicts of interest. The criminal history. And the compromised quality of so many of them.
GOP Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia is sponsoring a Czar Accountability and Reform Act that would “would bar the use of appropriated funds to pay either expenses or salaries of members of task forces, councils, or similar offices established by the president and headed by a person appointed inappropriately to such a post without Senate advice and consent.”
Every member of Congress worth his/her oath of office should support the bill. Take advantage of the recess to press your representatives on the issue.
Do they support accountability or do they support the unlimited growth and empowerment of Obama’s shadow cabinet?
Please read the full article at  Michelle Malkin » Support the Czar Accountability and Reform Act of 2009.
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