Whats Up with NBCs Chuck Todd?

Chuck Todd is a contributing editor at Meet the Press.  Tim Russert took him on in 2007.  Mr, Russert being a true journalist would probably be appalled at the Todd tactics.  The chasm between journalism and commentators has narrowed so much that the average viewer can’t tell the difference between objective an agenda driven news
ctoddNBC’s Chuck Todd has this very revealing bit in Politico today.
Targeting, among others, Glenn Beck (by name) and, not by name, Roger Ailes and Arianna Huffington.
Dissing Beck as a “radio DJ” using “crazy language” to deliver “outrageous rants,” for which he should be taken off the air, Todd goes on to foam that “actual journalists” may be headed toward a Beckian world of Howard Beales, the unhinged TV star from the film Network.
“It’s getting nuts that the folks who are creating the perception of an ideological/polarized media world are people who have never really spent their lives being journalists. Whether it’s former political consultants-turned-TV execs or former radio DJs, or former California socialites, the folks helping to accelerate the public’s perception of the media off a cliff made their livings trying to do other things.”
Hmm… News flash for Chuck. Here’s a list of liberals/progressives who “never really spent their lives being journalists.” I don’t recall a word about them from you.
Tim Russert — the onetime aide to Democratic New York Governor Mario Cuomo and Democratic New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was made the host of Meet the Press by NBC. That would be Chuck’s network. Where Russert was also the Washington bureau chief for NBC News.
Please read the wider article at  The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : What Ailes Chuck Todd?.

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