The So-Called Astroturf Is Locally Grown

If the Democrats were honest about all the protests over erick-ericksonhealthcare, they would have to admit they are being outmaneuvered with their own tactics. That is why they are accusing protestors at townhalls of being astroturf. They are so used to planting anti-war protestors at events and using union thugs, they have never seen actual middle class working people take time off from their jobs to protest.
Here’s a clue for them — it is not lobbyist backed astroturf. It is not AFP and FreedomWorks hired guns showing up. The networks they have are actually not large enough to make it all happen.
What the Democrats are experiencing is the power of local radio. I’m getting asked by lots of people, “Okay, seriously, how are people finding out about these events and showing up?” Look no further than 97.1 FM in St. Louis. The morning guys there have been pushing people to take on Russ Carnahan over Cash for Clunkers and healthcare.
In Florida, it’s places like WCOA in Pensacoloa where my good friend Ron Frasier works. Lee Rogers at KSFO both on air and online has information on all the local townhalls and which congressmen to call.
It’s the same whether it’s Herman Cain in Atlanta or Chris Krok in Macon or Rick Roberts in San Diego or Alan Autry in Fresno or literally hundreds of other talk radio voices across the country.

Please read the wider article by Erick Erickson at The So-Called Astroturf Is Locally Grown : Confessions of a Political Junkie.


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