Atlanta TV Exposes Yet Another Dem Congressman Meltdown at Healthcare Questioner

As national media outlets and their employees depict town hall meeting protesters as right-wing outsiders organized by conservative organizations, the Atlanta affiliate of NBC aired a segment Friday evening that should act as a fine example of how this uprising in America should be covered.

11 Alive reporter Duffie Dixon not only showed a heated exchange between Rep. David Scott (D-13th District) and a man asking him about his position on pending healthcare legislation in the House, but also interviewed the questioner when Scott erroneously contended the man was not a constituent and was only trying to hijack his meeting.
As Dixon shared with her viewers, not only wasn’t the questioner an organized outsider, he was actually a local doctor
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  1. It is important that we make sure that these types of events are broadcast by the media. We need to make sure that the American people see the entire debate – the pros and the cons.
    Open, honest and complete, that’s coverage we must demand.
    This is two important for ANY side of this debate to hijack it, to paint the others as thugs, terroists, or worse Nazi (Pelosi). If we cannot have open debate on an issue of this importance, what is the Bill of Rights about? Freedom of Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech — they cannot be just words on a piece of paper.
    Now is the time to cash in what we have fought valiently for and memorialized in every monument to our fallen soldiers, at Arlington National Cemetary and many of the other institutions such as VFW, American Legion and the like.

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