Video: Congressman Carnahan explains “right-wing assault” from Union Members

After his town-hall meeting, Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO) decried the “assault” on his constituent meetings by right-wing activists. Jamie Allman, a St., Louis talk-show host, attended Carnahan’s press conference the next day and asked Carnahan to explain why the only people arrested for assault at his town-hall meeting were ObamaCare supporters — specifically, union thugs who assaulted opponents of the health-care reform plan. Suddenly, Carnahan got a lot more universal in his accusations:

It “got out of control on both sides”? Did anyone from the opposition start cracking heads at that rally? They may have been loud and angry about the government essentially nationalizing 15% of the private economy, but until the unions began showing up to these rallies, there hadn’t been any violence at all. The real assaults came from Obama’s supporters in the unions, called into action by the administration when it saw its signature legislation being ripped on every television station in every city.
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