White House 'We will punch back twice as hard', A Black Conservative has the wounds to prove it!

President Obama – the leader of the United States of America – is telling the minority of Americans who support his plans for socialized medicine to “punch back twice as hard” at those who oppose his plans for a government take-over of our health care system. Can you imagine? A President of the United States saying such a thing? Them’s fightin’ words!
The neophyte man-child is angry. Angry that average American citizens are speaking out against the plans for Obamacare. The Obama White House and the DNC are trying hard to demonize the citizens speaking out against Obama’s plan. They are being called “angry mobs” and they are claiming that their protests are somehow part of a conspiracy and “phony.” Yet, there are so many good reasons that Obamacare should never come to fruition. Read the bill. HR3200 is a nightmare. And average citizens are trying to ask questions and express their concerns. You know, exercise their First Amendment rights. HR3200 is little more than a bill designed to give the government more control over our lives and less freedom for us all.
Obama is desperate and it is showing in his anger and words. Obama’s directive of “punch back twice as hard” were taken very literally in St. Louis at a Town Hall, where a black conservative against Obamacare was beaten up by union thugs. At a Town Hall in Tampa, Florida, Barry Osteen who opposes Obama’s plans was pushed in the face by Democratic Club Treasure Karen Miracle. Union members were said to have assaulted another citizen at the same meeting.
One of the latest Obama strategies coming to light is to only allow supporters of HR3200 in at Town Halls. The YouTube clip used in this post shows what is happening. The Service Employees International Union appear at Town Halls, and those manning the doors only allow them in – they are easily identified by their purple shirts. People also are being asked if they are from ACORN – and they are allowed in if the answer is “yes.” And average citizens are left outside, unable to get in! Unable to speak. Prevented from engaging in what should be a democratic process. And this thuggery and nastiness is being encouraged by the President of the United States! Chicago politics – strong arm tactics – becoming the m.o. of the Obama White House.
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