AARP Insists it has not endorsed H.R. 3200, or any health reform bill from the Obama Administration.

aarp_logoThis morning, RedState published an inaccurate piece titled, “AARP Officially Endorses H.R. 3200, the Democrats’ Healthcare Overhaul.” The headline is false and the claims made against AARP within the piece are misleading.
Fact is AARP has not endorsed H.R. 3200, nor any comprehensive health reform bill from the Congress or administration.
AARP’s official position on health reform has been known for many years- the organization simply wants what’s best for its members and all Americans in general. AARP has long been advocating for access to affordable, high-quality health care. That’s one of the reasons over the last two-and-a-half years the organization has been leading Divided We Fail, a diverse coalition of businesses, consumers, and labor groups focused on bringing people together and calling for solutions on health and financial security.
Lastly, AARP has been working with both Democrats and Republicans to pass health reform legislation that would improve the lives of millions of Americans, including AARP members 50 years and older, because health care access and costs have been spiraling out of control.
Please read AARP’s earlier post on combating the multitude of
inaccuracies and myths out there in this critical debate.
via ShAARP Session.

See Video – Obama Falsely Claims AARP Endorsed Health Care Plan

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  1. Republicans grow up and get educated to the FACTS of what is and what has not been proposed in the talks of health care reform.To be against out President just to be against him or for racial hatred show how low you really are in this world.

  2. Do you think that AARP does not support
    h.r.3500, then look at the millions they are spending
    on TV ads,newspapers, internet etc. They are
    literally using every media at there disposal to
    derail the protests to this bill. They can deny it all
    day, but there advertising reveals their lies, and misrepresentations.
    They believe that seniors will continue to join their
    organization regardless of what they do. Cancel your
    membership and get their attention.

  3. The fact is that AARP can’t make endorsements as a non-profit. I’ve been a subscriber/member for only a few years and have to say the magazine publishes a vast aray of political left view. Why would their position be any different on this issue?
    So, I found the RedState article in a search to find any evidence of favorable political support for HR 3200, then I found this post. Fact is, there is evidence AARP has been supporting the bill and now, they can watch their membership numbers drop like a rock. Good!

    • Thanks for your comment. I posted the AARP article because I heard the director state he did not support the Bill as it stands. President Obama stated that AARP was on board and had endorsed the bill several times during his Town Hall Meeting. Either president Obama or the director of AARP is not being honest. The post was to point out the discrepancy. I have no issue with RED STATE.
      If the AARP is secretly ‘on board’ with HR3200, they are being disingenuous to their members.
      Hope you continue to visit Politisite and hope to see more comments along the way
      Albert N. Milliron

  4. Has anyone read the “Bill”? Is there anything in there that aarp doesn’t like ?
    This proposal scares senior citizens and rightly so .
    I’m very disappointed and think AARP can do better!

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