Shut Up, America! Obama Doesn't want to hear from you on Health care

Last week, at a Democrat party fundraiser in McLean, Virginia, President

What Doctor do you trust?
What Doctor do you trust?

Barack Obama gave his answer to the thousands of Americans showing up at town halls and protests all over America questioning his proposed federal takeover of health care. Obama said,

But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to just get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.

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Obama here was talking about Republicans and conservatives who he holds responsible for the economic downturn. He doesn’t want to hear from them whether about health care reform or economic policy more generally. He just wants them to shut up and get out of the way of his glorious left wing revolution.
While campaigning last year, Obama was singing a different tune. Then he promised voters he was going to bring a new era of bipartisanship to Washington. Now he tells us he doesn’t want to hear from Republicans who created the mess. And he will not change one component of any of his initiatives to garner any Republican votes in Congress. Many American voters were misled by this deceptive campaign rhetoric.
The full article is recommended and can be found at  The American Spectator : Shut Up, America!.


  1. If you haven’t noticed yet, It’s time to take notice!! He wants to milk the recession to use as a compliance tool. he wants everyone to stay or become dependent on the government for their livelihood. That’s the only way he would possibly be re-elected. It’show you cause an entire nation of free thinking people to turn socialist. Their are no jobs, there is no growth outside of “government” jobs. There is only Obama Care. Healthcare, Welfare, exension of unemployment compensation. Obama will help you out of your rutt.

  2. I am not sure what should be done, but I know something needs to be done. Maybe one of the easier solutions is to take away the write off Drug Companies get for advertising so we can get rid of all the ads on TV.
    Sparky Flavored Coffee Drinker

    • This blog believes in health care reform, but not the current HR3200. Legal and tort reform would be the best first steps. Thanks for your comment and welcome

  3. Obama won’t address any of the problems people are bringing up, instead he acts like those people are insane and wildly misguided. What are the downfalls Mr Obama? Why won’t he tackle the issues like an adult?

    • When i was in college taking my government requirements for my degree, the main things about the two parties that stuck out were: Democrats fell they know better then the general public thats why we vote them in office. Republicans like the status quo and believe that changing laws should be a slow process. They think that the “people’ know what is best for themselves thus they should be as intrusive as possible.
      In reality there is a mix. In President Obama’s case I DO think he thinks he knows what is best for American and doesn’t seem to want or need any input from Conservatives or the American people.
      His campaign promise to broadcast all health care deliberations on C-Span for all to see. Politifact rated this as a broken campaign promise as the deliberations have all been in media free committee meetings. He also said that he would bring a new bi-partisan attitude to legislation. He has also broken that promise.
      Thank You for commenting
      The editor

  4. This is truly a sickening blog. Got to and and feel like an idiot. The people who are shouting down the speakers and other citizens at these town hall meetings are tools of the insurance industry and political operatives who would rather see the administration fail than do what’s right for the country. Thankfully, a growing majority of the country is fully aware of this, despite the level of noise that your zombies have produced. And the notion that people who support health care reform shouldn’t develop tactics to deal with the people who are disrupting these town hall meetings is preposterous. Put it this way– if the screamers had their way, nobody would be able to learn anything about the reforms bills currently being considered by Congress. On the other hand, if the screamers are silenced, everybody, including the screamers, would be able to get some information. But you don’t want answers because you think you have them already. And you don’t want to “debate” the issue, either. The truth is that you are afraid of information. You want to obstruct and attack and shout down anybody who wants to know the facts. Not a single rational idea has come out of the people who oppose health care reform. You think the United States, which is ranked 37th in quality of care, is doing just fine. Who cares about the uninsured and the millions who go bankrupt every year because of spiraling medical costs? Certainly, not the likes of you people. Looking out for #1 while acting like you want what’s smart for the country. You should all be ashamed yourselves.

    • John,
      I agree that the screamers are not helping the issue. This blog uses factcheck and politifact all of the time. This blog sources its stories. The truth is President Obama stated exactly what is written here. I even provided the video of him saying the exact words.
      I also agree that the previous administration was not fiscally conservative and is to blame for signing bills into law. You do know that congress was run by Democrats the last two years?
      The ranking of 37th is from what source? What was their criteria? You will find that their premises are faulty and so are their conclusions. While I disagree with you, I am thankful you have posted your comments. This blog is all about that and we invite dissenting opinions. I think by doing so it allows for the wider story to be illuminated. Your post helps readers to see another angle from your frame of reference. We don’t think we have the full truth here. We do our best but it is the discourse that provides for learning on all sides.
      I hope you keep providing your opinion. Calling this blog sickening is a bit much… But I am sure there will be a provision in the health care bill that covers blog related illness. I have noticed that you have posted nearly the exact same comment on other right leaning blogs and adding your blog address. Seem more like blog promotion than legitimate complaints
      The Editor

      • Dear Politisite Editor,
        I don’t know—I’ve just looked at several entries of your blog, and I don’t feel sick at all yet. Does that make me a Screamer, or just one of “your zombies”?
        I notice that Mr. John R. J. has posted nearly identical form-letter responses to our two blogs, and I just want to say that I am honored to have received, upon my very first entry, the same reaction from the irrational left as a fine blog like yours.

        • Why thank You. I am not wanting to start a blog pandemic. Sometimes folks post similar statements on blogs so they can get their story posted. Many use Google Page Rank and post comments on blogs that have a high page rank to get higher in search engines.
          Politisite doesn’t have ‘zombies’ as my readers are split down ideological lines. If you continue reading you surely will disagree with me on some issues. I ‘out’ both parties and political ideologies. Admittedly I am a conservative.
          Hope you continue to comment on the articles and op-eds here.
          The Editor

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