From the Left – Susan Estrich on Health Care

America has two problems to deal with in the health care debate, and only one of them relates to health care. The other is our increasing inability to have a conversation with each other without screaming, vilifying, threatening and boycotting.
estrich_susanIt’s getting scary out there, and I’m not just talking about death panels or whatever they are.
I’m talking about the civility that is the essence of democracy.
Liberals and conservatives have been busing people to each other’s events since I started working in politics. They’ve been hiring professionals to promote “grassroots” involvement since long before the Internet made it easier. Are the protests at staged events staged? Maybe. Who cares?
Nancy Pelosi was plainly wrong to attack the protestors as “un-American.” The White House strategy of dismissing them has long since been proved unwise.
But that’s no excuse for turning civil discourse into something ugly.
Increasingly, I find myself hearing from people who say they hate Barack Obama. And Nancy Pelosi.
Not disagree with them. Not plan to vote against them.
Hate them.
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