Obama Blames need for Recess Appointments on GOP

President Obama waited nearly seven months to nominate candidates for his administration, but now he blames Republicans for not getting his nominees through in a timely manner.  Obama threatens to use a tool called, ‘recess appointments’ when Congress goes on vacation later this month.  Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was dead set against recess appointments when George W. Bush used them while he was president but with the flip of a president he is all for the method.

President Obama, struggling to staff his administration after a year in office, is blaming Republican efforts to “delay and obstruct” his nominees in the Senate — and threatening to counteract those tactics with recess appointments.
Over 200 nominations are estimated to still be pending in the Senate, and Obama blames the minority partys “obstinacy,” which he says is “rooted not in substantive disagreements but in political expedience.”
“I respect the Senates role to advise and consent, but for months, qualified, non-controversial nominees for critical positions in government — often positions related to our national security — have been held up despite having overwhelming support,” Obama said in a news conference Tuesday.
Obama cited his pick to head the General Services Administration, Martha N. Johnson, who was confirmed by a 96-0 vote in the Senate last week — nine months after Obama nominated her for the position.
“That’s not advise and consent. Thats delay and obstruct,” he said, warning that if the Senate “does not act to confirm these nominees, I will consider making several recess appointments during the upcoming recess.”
Republicans note Democrats sharply criticized the practice when President Bush used it.
“Sen. Ted Kennedy at the time said it was a devious maneuver to evade the constitutional requirements,” said Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming.
But now Democrats have a different view.
“I have told the president enough is enough,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said. “He has the right as president of the United States to do recess appointments.”
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