Quinnipiac Poll – terrorism suspects should be tried in military courts

American voters say 59 – 35 percent that 9/11 terrorism suspects should be tried in military courts rather than in civilian courts, as currently planned. Voters say 68 – 25 percent that terrorism suspects should not receive all of the constitutional protections afforded by a civilian trial. Democrats prefer civilian courts 48 – 45 percent. Support for military courts is 73 – 23 percent among Republicans and 61 – 33 percent among independent voters.
The suspect who allegedly tried to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day should be tried as an enemy combatant rather than as an ordinary criminal, voters say 76 – 19 percent. But voters approve 52 – 42 percent of the FBI’s advice to the suspect of his right to remain silent.
via National (US) Poll * February 10, 2010 * U.S. Voters Say Gays In Milita – Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut.

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  1. When we go into the military and especially into combat there is a brotherhood or sisterhood or whatever you want to call it as it is simply a bond for life because of the fact that the person next to you is there for the same reason. In VN I shot and killed many brave North Vietnamese and VietCong that had more guts and probably more class than the crybabies on this blog saying it is immoral and not right for the military to rescind this archaic law. The one that stated that gays are in the same level as child molesters and incesters are entitled to their opinion but it is MY opinion that they are in the same group as cowards and certainly much much less of a human than the brave soldiers that we as American soldiers have had to fight and kill over the years. Our true enemy as a nation is right here at home!

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