Pelosi Calls Pilot that hit IRS Building a teabagger terrorist

Today Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused the pilot of the plane that smashed into the IRS building in Austin, Texas of being a teabagger terrorist.
Okay, so that didn’t really happen, but how long before the Left blames this nut job of being a tea party loyalist?  It actually happened at 12:09 central time at the Huffington Post:

“I know Austin is liberal city. but I wonder if he was teabagger?” (posted by tisfilm 01:09 PM on 2/18/2010)

I can imagine the speculation that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will be spewing on MSNBC tonight.
I wonder if a tingle of fear will run up the back of Matthew’s spine?
No doubt the pilot was Caucasian, Protestant, clings to his Bible and guns, voted for Ron Paul, and is definitely a birther.
The Left is becoming so predictable its almost boring watching them.
Update from Thomas Lifson:
via American Thinker Blog: How long did it take for the left to blame tea partiers for Austin plane attack?.

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