WASHINGTON The Republican National Committee announced a new web video today on President Obama’s uncontrolled and outrageous spending.  The web video, entitled “Broken Promise,” can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npzhNlNND0M.

“Today marks the one year anniversary of President Obama’s failure to stimulate our economy with $862 billion of the people’s money and unsurprisingly, the only people celebrating this disastrous milestone are Democrats in Washington.  For an entire year, America has been forced to watch over 2.8 million people lose their jobs and unemployment climb into the double digits, while the President and his liberal allies continue to ignore economic reality and spread their made-up “saved or created” talking points.  Republicans have offered proven alternative solutions for economic growth but these ideas have been routinely shot down by Democrats, who insist that bipartisanship is one party monopoly rule.  The American people are tired of politicians who don’t admit when their policies don’t work.  The president and the Democrat Party can either admit their policies failed and change course now or continue their binge spending agenda and face certain defeat at the polls in November.”     

via GOP.