Keith Olbermann invited to Dallas Teaparty

Tax Day Teaparty Columbia, SC

Keith Olbermann has been invited to Dallas Teaparty to compare what is obvious to anyone who watches MSNBC, where are the people of Color?  The Dallas teaparty has more people of color on their steering committee than anyone has seen on MSNBC anchors.  Have they no Shame?
The Dallas Tea Party is calling out the libtards at MSNBC on their overabundant ignorance. On Saturday, February 27th at Dallas City Hall from noon to 2 pm, the Dallas Tea Party will celebrate the one year anniversary of the tea party movement! MSNBC has led all mainstream media networks in bashing the tea party movement with lies and insults! It’s time the white people who work at MSNBC put their money where their gigantic pie-holes are!


  1. As soon as I saw the word “libtard,” I stopped reading and scrolled right on down here. I do exactly the same when I read some left-leaning blog and the author uses words such as “Repugs.”
    Stupid words are just that: stupid words whose sole purpose and function is to turn the heat up to a hot — read “counterproductive” — level.
    On both damned sides..

    • Thanks for your comment. This blog offers substantive stories from many points of view. The writer used the Term, Libertards. I am sorry I missed it. Thanks for pointing that out. When I scanned the article, I mistaked, Libertard for Libertads.
      My understanding is that Keith Olbermann would not attend due to his father being in Intensive care. We certainly understand. The Group pushed the issue and Olbermann went on another rant where he outlined the several parttime people of color who work at MSNBC and pointed out that there are black guests as well. He said that Dallas should not invite him but invite black folk to the teaparty.
      From what I know, there isn’t a ‘whites only’ teaparty. People of color are free to attend. Since over 90% of African-Americans voted for President Obama pointing out that there are few Black folk at tea-parties does not make the ones who attend racist. It simply means that most blacks do not have the same ideology as Tea Parties. But the left seems to have problems with that.

  2. Forget it. Facts are lost on that washed up sports commentator. Besides, all he knows how to do is preach to the choir. He dare not show up anywhere he would have to defend himself. He is woefully incompetent.

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