Schwarzenegger says TEA Party will Terminate when economy improves

Ready to take advise from a Governor who has been a major failure in California?  He says the TeaParty movement will fade when the economy returns.  He may have forgotten a couple of the Teaparty tenants:  Small Government, strong national defense, no bail outs for publicly traded companies,  Arny it’s a bit more than economic trendlines.  This from The Swamp.

The “TEA Party,” that anti-tax, anti big-government movement of people intent on turning out incumbents this year, will “disappear” as the economy improves.
So says Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Republican governor of California whom some in his own party view as a RINO. Whatever his own situation may be, “Ahnold” suggests that a movement without a leader, such as the leaderless TEA Party, which offers no apparent agenda, will dissolve as underlying economic unrest yields to recovery. With midterm elections looming, that still could be a question of timing, however.
“The TEA Party is an expression of anger and of disappointment,” Schwarzenegger said in an interview last night with Greta Van Susteren on FOX News Channel’s On the Record. “I’m just saying they’re not going anywhere with it because nobody is coming up and saying, ‘Here’s our candidate, here’s our solution, here’s what we’re going to do,’ and have a whole policy debate over the various different issues….
Read the rest at  The Swamp.

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