MSNBC Chris Matthews Compares GOP To North Korea Leaders

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When Fox News is called the public relations arm of the Republican party, my thoughts immediately think of Chris Mathews at MSNBC.  While many made fun of his tingling legs when Obama was elected, I too felt that America had crossed over a chasm of race.  The problem I had with candidate Obama was clear in his speeches and writings.  He was a far left leaning thinker that would make efforts to move the country to a more power centralized Government with the most power lying with the President.
Mathews shows his left leaning biased almost every show.  This latest rant is beyond any political thinkers thought process.  he GOP compared to North Korea.  Comon Chris, it’s a bit much don’t ya think?
Here’s Chris Matthews’ latest hate speech:
“Anybody who’s ever watched, by the way, the North Korean assembly meet. Where everybody looks, acts very much in terms of their behavior, very similarly and actually says the same things. Watch the Republicans now. This is the closest thing to Pyongyang democracy I’ve ever seen. These guys. If you think the democrats are swimming together. Watch this. Here’s there simple message, ‘kill the bill and start over.’ Let’s listen to how well they stuck together in their talking points. This is frighteningly, well. You’ll watch it. This is something, this is not. We’re not used to seeing this in the West.“ – Chris Matthews.
via Gateway Pundit.

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