UPDATE: Georgia Republican Nathan Deal will Delay Resigination to vote 'NO' on Health Care Reform

There appears to be another Georgia Congressman moving out of Washington DC.  Congressman Nathan Deal has set up a press conference scheduled for Monday.  Sources say that he will resign to focus his efforts on his Gubernatorial bid.  The  Peach Pundit points out that a special election could be to Deals disadvantage. Others say he is resigning due to ethical issues regarding no bid contracts with the state of Georgia from 2004-2008

Nathan Deal has called two press conferences tomorrow morning, one in Dalton and one in Gainesville, to announce that he is resigning from Congress.
Sources close to his campaign tell me that Deal will resign his seat in Congress to focus on his campaign for Governor. The thought process is that he is spending too much time in D.C., and needs to be around “Real” Georgia voters more often.
In doing so, however, Deal is giving up the turnout advantage for being the sitting Congressman while the vote for his replacement takes place. GA law calls for a special election to replace Deal, and assuming the special election clears the field for the general election, having an unopposed incumbent running in the 9th when the primary vote for Governor takes place is a major campaign disadvantage for Deal.
Read the rest at  Deal Resigning Congress Tomorrow — Peach Pundit.

UPDATE:  The congressman tells reporters that he will delay his resignation in order to vote ‘NO’ on the Healthcare Bill

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