Where is the MSM? Pentagon gunman John Patrick Bedell was a Left-Wing extremist

More information is coming out about the Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell but it isn’t apparent by looking at the top news .  It appears that the Mainstream Media has left out a few details.  Bedell was a staunch supporter of  2008 presidential candidate Senator Mike Gravel.  Michelle Malkin points out that Bedell was a registed Democrat.  He was a Facebook fan of a well known  liberal economist.  He related in some of his online rantings that he was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.   Bedell had a deep seated anger toward the military and had anarchist type beliefs as well toward governmental affairs.
Now if Bedell was a Right-wing teaparty racist MSNBC and the Associated Press would use all of the adjectives that describe such a person, but since he was a Left-wing, anti-government, democrat from California those adjectives were left out in the national news.
Some have asked, if that information is not being reported, how did the writer of this article come across the background of Bedell.  Well it is a service that the main stream reporters seem to have problems accessing, a simple Google search and 15 minutes of investigation.
Some news stories like the Christian Science Monitor asked the question in their article on Bedell: Did right-wing extremism lead to shooting? automatically assuming that any shooter must be right-wing. ABC News reported that Bedell had a troubled past and run ins with the law
Bedell Posted this on the net

Bedell wrote regarding his motivation for posting his personal records online in 2007:
My motivation is quite idiosyncratic, but also very intense. It’s my hope that we will be able to reshape the way that we manage criminal information, and the file releases here are part of that effort. It’s also my intention that the routine use of the cannabis plant will in no way be a criminal or legal matter. Volunteers for a 2008 electoral college to assemble at the State Capitols are welcomed!
In another portion of his site profile, Bedell promoted  former Senator and eccentric presidential candidate Mike Gravel whom he said supported selling weed in liquor stores.
via John Patrick Bedell’s Gunfight With Pentagon Cops: Crazier than Crazy Teabag Offshoot?.
The reason for this post really is to point out that our un-biased media is fooling themselves by calling themselves such.  One only need to scan the news each day to find out that the term Right-Wing extremist is applied much more often then left-winger.  9/11 truther was not applied to Van Jones when their was evidence that he had signed a document that said he was.  He verbally called himself a communist type but the MSM seemed to leave that out and rather took to attacking the Right-Wing extremist, Glenn Beck when he pointed out  extremism with White House appointees.  Ask for Obama’s Birth Certificate or other records and you make top news on MSNBC.  be a member of the NRA and have unrelated trouble and you are a gun-touting outlaw.
Pentagon Gunman John Patrick Bedell has succumbed to his wounds and has passed from this earth.  Thankfully the Pentagon police where there to keep this incident from becoming another massacre situation like at Fort Hood.  The Fort Hood incident was another example of minimization from the white house and the press.  For days the talking points were that the shooter acted alone.  Today we are clearer on what really happened.
My advise is to do some of your own investigation of the news and look at various news forms like bloggers, Citizen journalist sites like NowPublic, and several main stream sources.  You will more likely than not have a fuller view of the news.
Oh and just to drive home our point He was a Bush Hater.  Here is J. Patrick Bedell’s Amazon.com Wish List

Wish List

The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11&hellip by Philip Shenon
The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Expose&hellip by Russell S. Bowen
Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful &hellip by Russ Baker
Hot Money and the Politics of Debt by R. T. Naylor

via Amazon.com: Profile for J. Patrick Bedell.
Don’t Believe the MSM: John Patrick Bedell, the Pentagon Shooter, was no Right-Winger
Where is the MSM? Pentagon Gunman John Patrick Bedell was a Left-wing Extremist
via Pentagon gunman John Patrick Bedell was not a rightwing extremist.

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