Massa says sexual harrassement charge lodged because of 'NO' vote on Healthcare

Congressman Massa will appear on FOX News Glenn Beck program Tues. March 9 at  5 p.m. to discuss how he was forced out by the White House.   He related to sources that his ‘NO’ vote on Healthcare may be the reason sexual harassment charges have been lodged against him.  He told a reporter that some in Congress will stop at nothing to get healthcare passed and this may be one of the tactics being used to get rid of Democrats who are against the Presidents Health care reform initiative.
The is reports:

Congressman Massa announces he will resign March 8th

Representative Eric Massa, Democrat of New York, who is resigning from Congress amid allegations that he sexually harassed a staff member, now says he believes that House Democratic leaders wanted to force him out of office because he voted against the Democrats’ health care legislation.
Mr. Massa, a freshman who represents Elmira, Corning and the suburbs of Rochester, has said that he is resigning effective 5 p.m. on Monday.
In recent days, he has given several explanations for his decision not to seek re-election and then to resign more immediately. First, he cited a recurrence of cancer. Mr. Massa, a former Navy officer, received a diagnosis of terminal lymphoma in 2001 but recovered.
Then Mr. Massa acknowledged the harassment allegation against him, admitting that he was guilty of using “salty” language in the privacy of his home and his office. He denied any further wrongdoing.
But in a local radio show on Sunday, Mr. Massa suggested that a more sinister conspiracy was under way to push him out because he had voted against the House health care legislation. “They will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill,” he said of Democratic leaders. “Now they have gotten rid of me, and it will pass.”
House Democratic leaders rejected Mr. Massa’s assertions.

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