Senate Bans Drudge Report?

Senate has Banned the Drudge Report from computers saying that it has or may have viruses.  What an excuse to ban the first amendment to government workers.

The Senate’s environment committee has warned Capitol Hill staffers to avoid the Drudge Report over suspicions of computer viruses. The Drudge Report denied the allegations and even mocked the committee in a story. According to Drudge, the committee issued an urgent email late Monday claiming the Drudge Report is ‘responsible for the many viruses popping up throughout the Senate.’ The email ordered hill staff: ‘Try to avoid’ the Drudge Report ‘for now’. Sean, who admitted the is one of his favorite websites, added, “They just don’t want people looking at that awful picture of Pelosi or the headlines that are up there every day.”

via Tuesday, March 9, 2010 – Shows – The Sean Hannity Show.

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