DNC Attacks Ensign, McConnell, and Vitter on ethics to Defend their own Scandals

With recent scandals with Massa and Rangel the DNC wants to turn the tables on the issue of Ethics back to the Republicans by painting the entire party are unethical because of Ensign and Vitter.  When President Clinton was president the same folks said that a persons private life is of no consequence to his ability to govern.  Seems like the DNC has taken a different viewpoint about Republicans while protecting their own scandalous lawmakers.

The DNC responds to the RNC attack on Democrats; ethics — Massa, Rangel — with this D.C. Cable spot going after David Vitter and John Ensign, the latter of which appears to be in the most legal peril of the four.
via DNC hits Vitter, Ensign, McConnell on ethics – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com.

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