Axelrod to GOP: 'Go Ahead Make my day'

Top White House adviser David Axelrod says that if Congress passes the Democrats’ national health care bill, it will be politically impossible for Republicans to undo the changes brought by the massive legislation. “I say, Let’s have that fight. Make my day,” Axelrod said on “Meet the Press.” “I’m ready to have that, and every member of Congress ought to be willing to have that debate was well.”
Axelrod made the point as he put forward the now-common argument that House Democrats who have already voted for the health care bill once should do so again because they will be attacked by Republican opponents this fall whatever they do.
“I’ve said many times that they’ve got a vote that Republicans and the insurance industry and others can run against them already,” Axelrod said. “What they don’t have is the accomplishment. If this bill passes, this year, children with pre-existing conditions will now be covered. There will be an end to lifetime caps and annual caps on what the insurance companies will cover, so if you get sick you won’t go broke, if you get sick they won’t throw you off your insurance. The doughnut hole will be filled in, so senior citizens will save hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs. The life of Medicare will be extended, and on and on and on.”
via Axelrod threat to GOP: ‘Make my day’ | Washington Examiner.

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