'Deem and pass' for health care wont pass constitutional Muster

U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Livonia) yesterday joined a chorus Republican lawmakers speaking out against a potential move that could allow House Democrats to enact Senate health care legislation without calling for a full vote.
The so-called “deem and pass” process would allow the House to pass changes in the already-passed Senate bill while “deeming” the underlying bill enacted, according to the USA Today.
The House passed its own version of health care reform legislation last year, but the Senate version differs significantly.
In a column for conservative American Spectator magazine, McCotter suggested such a move is unconstitutional and will meet inevitable legal challenges.
March 16, Spectator.org: First, using the “Slaughter House Rules” to skirt a substantive vote and “deem as passed” the Senate's government-run health care bill would violate constitutionally prescribed procedures for duly passing and enacting federal legislation. Obviously, this dysfunctional legislative branch's Leftist majority cares little about this pesky “supreme law of the land.”
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