Interview Video: Bret Baier Interviews Barack Obama on Fox Special Report

Bret Baier Outfoxes Obama
National Review Online’s Seth Leibsohn writes that Baier’s interview was the best of any reporter in a year. “It was a model of how not to be cowed by a strong and charismatic leader and a model of a truly independent anchor/reporter. President Obama knew he didn’t have Bret at the very end when his last effort at victimhood was to sarcastically hang his head to the side in response to Bret’s saying he didn’t mean to interrupt, as if Bret were being insincere—which he wasn’t. Anyone who watches the interview can see who was stalling, who was running the clock, who was refusing to answer the questions, and why polite interruption was exactly what was needed. It was a model. If any of the MSM can watch it and conclude anything it is that FNC deserves a) its ratings and b) kudos for being truly independent from the herd of faux independent minds, the likes of which Howell Raines seems to esteem. Bret showed the rest of the press how to do it from now on.”

Riehl World View goes one step further with a piece titled “Obambi’s Bottom Baiered on Fox News”: “Barack Obama was just one mindless platitude after another. He can’t, or won’t answer the real questions, and, as always, can’t deal with being challenged without getting snippy. Obama’s bad policies, poor temperament and willingness to mislead, avoid , distract and demagogue when he can take center stage in his interview with Bret Baier.”
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