Victory will come in March or November, but it will come

As Democrats frantically tried to cobble together votes to pass their sweeping health care reform legislation Saturday, House Republicans began a victory lap of sorts.
First, in a meeting of the House Republican Conference, the GOP’s leadership rallied the troops with flourishing rhetoric about regaining the majority in the fall.
“I don’t know, quite frankly, whether victory will come on the third Sunday in March or on the first Tuesday in November, but victory will come,” House Republican Conference leader Mike Pence of Indiana told Republicans Saturday afternoon.
And when they emerged from the room to speak to the media and a crush of video cameras, House Republican leaders were met by a boisterous crowd of citizens screaming “kill the bill” and nodding in unison to their promises to continue the fight to derail the legislation.
Saturday’s schedule gives an idea of how confident Republicans are feeling. Republicans opened up their closed conference meeting to television cameras and reporters, GOP lawmakers were hosting telephone town halls in Democratic swing districts and Republicans were whipping undecided Democrats to vote against the legislation they’ve been wrangling over for more than a year.
This all comes after a week where House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio gave a series of interviews expressing confidence that Republicans could take back the House in November.
“There are more activities going on than you would see in a normal campaign,” Boehner told reporters
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  1. My associates and I have agreed to restrict our business activities the next several months to try to repair the damage that was done tonight.
    Our friends and clients who are over 65 have been forced to use Medicare even if their companies provided full coverage. That age discrimination is now enhanced by reduced coverage because they just lost a half trillion dollars of benefits.
    I read the first bill and never could review all of the other versions. I have tried to have a discussion with my representative. I drove to DC to offer suggestions and had a confirmed appointment. The staff said they had forgotten and could only give me 4 minutes. That was after hours of driving. I gave just one of my ideas that would have covered 7 million children without a single additional federal employee. The staff person said my idea was a good one but they did not have the half hour of time to impliment the whole program. I was then told to leave.
    I have called repeatedly, written often and sent many emails. I never recieved a single response that was not a form letter. We will fight for the future of our children as the bond market indicates our financial strength is declineing. Our country could have done this many ways that did not follow Saul Alinsky’s blueprint.

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