SC Senator Jim DeMint vows to fight health-care legislation, Congressman Clyburn calls him Deminted

One would think that after the alledged racial epitapes toward Congressman Clyburn and the Civil Rights hero John Lewis, the Democratic Whip running high off their win on the health care legislation he would be a bit careful how he uses his own language.

Senator DeMint and Congressman Clyburn

Clyburn called Senator DeMints attempt at challenging the constitutionality of the health care bull ‘Deminted’ a play on words that  calls the senator Demented.
As President Obama celebrated his health-care victory, Republican leaders in several states vowed Monday to challenge the landmark legislation in court, arguing that the new federal rules are unconstitutional violations of state sovereignty and individual liberty.
Scholars contend the merit of such claims is unproven at best, given constitutional provisions and legal precedents that grant wide latitude to Congress to regulate national affairs. But the declarations foretell a period of court battles and statehouse resistance after months of opposition to the legislation.
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) said the state will file a federal lawsuit Tuesday, an action that Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) endorsed as “meritorious.”
“There’s obviously some concern among our citizens and among governors and among people across the country about the breadth and scope of this health-care reform,” McDonnell told reporters in Richmond.
Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) promised similar action that he said would be joined by other states. He called the measure that Obama is scheduled to sign Tuesday “a tax or a penalty on just living. And that’s unconstitutional.”
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