Crazy Teabaggers in Philly plan more violent attacks

That Headline will get more attention than what is really going on in Philadelphia.  Young Thugs attacking innocent passers by.  Many folks heard that another one of these, “Flash Mobs” are to occur again tonight.  Many remarks on twitter say that folks who had plans for activities are staying home to stay safe.  CNN is covering the story but others are looking for those violent teabaggers in Searchlight, Nevada.  Where we heard a teabagger bumped into a couple and didn’t say “Pardon me”.. its real bad at those tea party events.  Oh and some left wingers threw eggs at the tea party express.  Oh the inhumanity of those teaparties.

For “fun,” groups of amoral young thugs-in-training are roaming the streets of Philadelphia, intimidating passers-by and sometimes attacking them.
The police are trying to crack down on so-called flash mobs, marauding bands of teenage pinheads with little or non-existent parental supervision, by threatening to hold parents responsible. From the New York Times:
In the past year, at least four of the flash mobs have broken out in the city, including one on Saturday in which roving teenagers broke into fights, several onlookers were injured and at least three people were arrested.
“It was like a tsunami of kids,” said Seth Kaufman, 20, a pizza deliveryman at Olympia II Pizza & Restaurant on South Street. He lifted his shirt to show gashes along his back and arm. He also had bruises on his forehead he said were from kicks and punches he suffered while trying to keep a rowdy crowd from entering the shop, where a fight was already under way.
“By the time you could hear them yelling, they were flooding the streets and the stores and the sidewalks,” Mr. Kaufman said.
The ad hoc gangs have scared many pedestrians off the streets.
City residents are also starting to complain about the number of unsupervised children, and child advocates are asking if there are enough activities to keep young people busy after school.
via Michelle Malkin » Philly Flash Mobs.

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