Palin speaks at tea party rally in Reid’s hometown

Update: Palin’s finished speaking but Breitbart, Hannah Giles, and, er, Joe the Plumber are still to come. Here’s the schedule.

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Update: If you missed it earlier, you’re in luck. The Right Scoop’s Tivo is always rolling…

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » Live video: Palin to speak at tea party rally in Reid’s hometown; Update: Speech video added.

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  1. It cannot be ignored Palin’s endorsement and support of Sen. McCain’s reelection could make the difference whether McCain is reelected. Is it time that Tea Party Groups ask Palin why she is supporting McCain after he introduced his anti-Free Speech Police State bill S.3081, that blatantly contradicts Palin’s purported position to protect the Constitution? If Palin does not object to McCain’s bill, would you want her for President?

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