No Lie! Larry Flynt hustles Money to oust Joe Wilson

Well there are a few ‘Badges of Honor’ as a conservative, one of them is getting placed on Hustler Magazine Smut Peddler Larry Flynt’s hit list.. Oh there I go again, ‘hit list’  I meant targeted.. no no no !  Well you know, Larry endorses your opponent.. heck that doesn’t even seem right.  Flynt is raising money to get South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson (R-02) out of office.

No Lie! Larry Flynt Hustles Money for SC Rep. Joe Wilson Opponet

It looks like South Carolina Democrat Rob Miller wants publisher Larry Flynt’s unofficial endorsement for Congress just as much as most congressional offices want their complimentary copy of Hustler.
Flynt talked up Miller’s campaign when naming Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., as Hustler’s “[Expletive] of the Month” in February. Miller is running against Wilson, who became a household name after his “You lie” outburst to President Obama.
Flynt characterized Wilson as the liar, discussed the South Carolina congressman’s “underlying racism” and then encouraged readers to donate to Miller’s campaign.
For Flynt’s trouble, Miller’s spokesman rewarded the publisher with a “no comment” when Yeas & Nays questioned him about the endorsement Tuesday. At the same time, folks at the National Republican Campaign Committee, who caught wind of it this week, were almost giddy.

via Larry Flynt hustles for Joe Wilson’s opponent | Washington Examiner.

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