Guardians of the Free Republics target 30 Governors

30 governors have received letters that say they have been targeted for removal, by force if necessary.  the names of three state governors have been released include:

Granholm (D-MI), Culver (D -IA), Gregoire (D-WA), Doyle ( D-WI), Henry (D-OK) and just so you don’t think this is another Right-wing extremist group, there are a few Conservatives on the list as well.

Jindal (R-LA), Sanford (R-SC)  , Gibbons ( R-NV), Herbert ( R-UT), Perry (R-TX),  Ritter (D-CO), Perdue (D-NC), Pawlenty (R-MN),  Rounds (R-SD), Heineman (R-NE), McDonnell (R-VA).

Officials say they see “no immediate or credible threats of violence connected to the letters,” CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports.

Nevertheless, the Homeland Security Department and FBI issued a joint advisory cautioning state and local officials that the group could inspire or provoke violence from others, given that “they (the group) advocate for their views through the use, support, or facilitation of violence or illegal conduct.”

One U.S. security official says the advisory was distributed “out of an abundance of caution to ensure that state and local partners have tools they need to recognize behaviors,” Orr reports.

Guardians of the free Republics claims on its Web site it wants to “restore America” by peacefully dismantling parts of the government.

via Guardians of the Free Republics Targets More than 30 Governors – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

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