Report: Health Care Reform Polarized the Country

In March, the number of Democrats increased by just over a full percentage point and the number of Republicans increased by just under a full percentage point. This is consistent with other data showing that the health care debate heightened passions on both sides of the aisle.
After declining for four straight months to the lowest levels on record, the number of Democrats increased a point from a month ago. At 36.2%, the number of Democrats in the country is down two-and-a-half points from a year ago and down five percentage points from November 2008. See the History of Party Trends from January 2004 to the present.
Also in March, the number of Republicans inched up to 32.9%. That’s in the middle of the range the party has occupied for the past two years and down about a point from November 2008.
The number of adults not affiliated with either major party dropped two full points to 30.9%.
via Partisan Trends – Rasmussen Reports™.