Did White House finally Admit it offered Sestak a Job?

How many times does one have to ask a question to Robert Gibbs to get an answer to a simple question, “did the Administration offer Congressman Sestak a job if he dropped his Senate Bid”.  Answer, we don’t know.  The White House finally admitted that a conversation took place and alluded that the press got it right, but nothing unethical occurred.
Michelle Malkin had this to say:

Six weeks ago, Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Joe Sestak confirmed to the Philly press that he had been offered a job by the Obama administration in exchange for dropping his Senate bid against White House-endorsed incumbent Arlen Specter. After first denying any contact with Sestak took place, White House flack Robert Gibbs changed course and admitted a conversation had occurred. Then he urged the MSM to move on. FNC’s James Rosen recaps the whole sordid case to date here.
Questions about the ethics and legality of such a deal continue to mount. Sestak remains tight-lipped about the details (to protect the bribers, no doubt) — even as he now uses the very issue to tout his independence. Talk about exploiting a crisis. The Morning Call of Pa. reported this weekend:
Sestak has refused to provide any details and the White House has admitted only that a conversation did take place. The secretiveness of it all has prompted a Republican congressman to call for a federal investigation into whether any such offer violated federal law.
”Having been asked a question that no one had ever asked me before, I answered it honestly,” Sestak said Friday. ”The politics of what happens after, I’m not interested in. There are other things we have to focus on.”
…Initially, the White House denied Sestak’s story.
Then, in mid-March, after being asked six times over a month, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged a conversation with Sestak had occurred. But Gibbs remained vague.
”I’m told that whatever conversations have been had are not problematic,” Gibbs said. ”I think Congressman Sestak has discussed that this is — whatever happened is in the past, and he’s focused on his primary election.”

Read the Full article over at  Michelle Malkin » Sestak and the White House stonewall.

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