Health care polling getting worse for Democrats post-passage

In the lead up to the final health care vote, the White House and its liberal allies were trying to make the argument that the reason why the legislation hadn’t been polling better was that Americans were sick of ugly process stories. Once a bill passed, they argued, and those sausage-making stories were supplanted by triumphant stories about this historic achievement that would deliver real benefits, those numbers would turn around. Well, at least initially, we see that instead of gaining support since passage, opposition to the bill has grown. According to the average, a 51.1 percent majority oppose the law, compared to just 39.9 percent who support it — and as you can tell from the graph below, this spread has widened since it passed.

Read the rest of Philps article at  The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Selling Obamacare.

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