NJ voter exposes GOP Cap&Tax Frank LoBiondo’s constitutional ignorance

The other day we posted a video when Democrat said he was worried that Guam might capsize if there were too many people on the island.  To be fair an balanced a GOP congressman can’t even recite the gist of Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution.  If you are a Democrat congressman like Phil Hare and say you don’t care about the constitution regarding health care that is one thing, But if you say you are a constitutionalist and don’t know it, well that is another.  But than again this congressman voted for Cap and Trade.

A cringe-inducing moment for GOP Rep. Frank LoBiondo, who confuses the 1st Amendment with Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution when confronted by a voter at a town hall meeting.
Next time, spare yourself the added embarrassment and just say: “I don’t know.”

Hat tip: The Hill (which hat tips Paul Mulshine of the Newark Star Ledger):

via Michelle Malkin » NJ voter exposes GOP Cap&Tax 8-er Frank LoBiondo’s constitutional ignorance.

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