Virgina Gov McDonnell apologizes for Slavery Omission

Ever heard the saying you can’t have one without the other?  It seems to this writer to be very hard to have a Confederate history month without any mention of Slavery.  I am one of those who is OK with the Confederate flag being on the grounds of the South Carolina state house for one reason, to remember the era and the war dead.  Even though the flag is used by bigots and racist, it also stands for history.  We won’t stop using the Cross of Jesus just because racist groups use it as well.  That is all I have to say about That.
After a defensive first reaction, Bob McDonnell realizes that there’s little upside to this fight for him:

The proclamation issued by this Office designating April as Confederate History Month contained a major omission. The failure to include any reference to slavery was a mistake, and for that I apologize to any fellow Virginian who has been offended or disappointed. The abomination of slavery divided our nation, deprived people of their God-given inalienable rights, and led to the Civil War. Slavery was an evil, vicious and inhumane practice which degraded human beings to property, and it has left a stain on the soul of this state and nation. In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly approved a formal statement of “profound regret” for the Commonwealth’s history of slavery, which was the right thing to do.
When I signed the Proclamation designating February as Black History Month, and as I look out my window at the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial, I am reminded that, even 150 years later, Virginia’s past is inextricably part of our present. The Confederate History Month proclamation issued was solely intended to promote the study of our history, encourage tourism in our state in advance of the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, and recognize Virginia’s unique role in the story of America. The Virginia General Assembly unanimously approved the establishment of a Sesquicentennial American Civil War Commission to prepare for and commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the War, in order to promote history and create recognition programs and activities.
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