Video: Evidence Obama was a master of cut throat Chicago politics

Glorious Leader Gap: More Evidence Our Pretentious President Was Never a Law School Professor

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I got emotionally caught up in the controversy regarding whether or not Sen. Barack Obama was ever a law school professor at the University of Chicago. In truth, he had only served as a Senior Lecturer, a non-tenure track job that did not demand any publication record. To the general public, this probably looked like a minor case of a politician fudging his resume. As a published, award-winning political scientist, however, I thought Obama’s claims demeaned the once, somewhat honorable, image of real University of Chicago Law School professors.

Doug Ross floated a blog post reputing to be the comments of a highly ranked University of Chicago law school professor which – in my mind, at least – sounds like a plausible reaction from a real, tenured college professor, someone who probably went into this line of work back when it was a mark of high intelligence and gifted insight, and not simply the expression of affirmative action window-dressing or compliance with politically correct liberal dogma. According to the report in Ross’s blog, his correspondent shared that:

Read the rest of the story at  Anonymous Political Scientist.

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